Four Invaluable Aspects for Branding Yourself as a Leader

Of all the social media networks, business professionals have clearly opted for LinkedIn, arguably because it is the platform that has fulfilled their professional needs for networking. Three million CEOs on Jeff Weiner’s network have the opportunity to connect with about 500 Million other users, and in turn through those to billions of people around the world.

How can your LinkedIn presence show your Charisma? Whether you like it or not, your profile, posts and updates will reflect your success or otherwise.

Great leaders raise the flag of their brand high and lead their companies from the front. They build momentum with their name and recognition in their niche markets and pull the train of their company behind them. I want to help you to be one of those leaders.  With my help, I promise, you will surpass your peers and go well beyond...

To visualise this idea, think of well-known figures such as HH Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Richard Branson, Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, Ziad Abdelnour and Patrick Bet-David.

Abdelnour is a shining example of those world leaders that have excelled at the game of the digital economy. In his amazing book Economic Warfare – Secrets of wealth creation in the age of welfare politics, available from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and reviewed on Goodreads, he sees that “the secret about tech is that we always have to be thinking about the next thing”. What you learn from Abdelnour is that a company needs to have an authentic vision to be able to differentiate its products and services from the competition. It must do so in an effective way that becomes an identifying theme.

In the past, companies owned brands, and CEOs upheld the brands. In 2017, the CEO is the brand and leads from the front. Leaders worldwide encourage colleagues who run the company to follow their steps and integrate their characters and values to their brand. Other leaders in the firm gradually become inspiring leaders as well. Let us consider this one more time: everyone is promoting their products and services on social networks. Why would the customer want yours? Emotions and value served.

Abdelnour, the President and CEO of Blackhawk Partners, is an accomplished businessman in his own right. He has become a trusted adviser to successful families worldwide, especially in the US. As a highly connected social leader, Abdelnour empowers, inspires and challenges his fans and followers. An exceptional personality on social media, Abdelnour makes everyone want to get closer to him to learn more about the world changes and learn the secrets of wealth creation. @blackhawkinc is followed by more than a quarter million on Twitter!

Abdelnour says, and he’s perfectly right, that “people do business with people they know. In this era of digital media tools, leaders are connected both digitally and economically. Learn more about Abdelnour and see his video and radio interviews on his blog.

If you follow Patrick Bet-David on social media, you will understand why 63k fans on Twitter and 300k on Facebook follow the great tips he shares. I am one of his unconditional fans. His tips come from the heart and clearly show his awareness of the impact they have on his audience. Check out Patrick’s Youtube videos here. I am sure that you will appreciate why I value his tips so greatly.  Some of Patrick’s videos have reached 1Mi views! Inspiring?

A plethora of research confirms that day in day out, the first connection on social media is an emotional one. As a leader, when you connect with your audience, you are indirectly and subtly helping them love your products and services.

When CEOs are inexistent on social media, studies have repeatedly shown that people perceive their companies as faceless. The majority of people on social media are unimpressed that some companies let their marketing team use “company” accounts to share promotional stories and communicate with their audience.

If I may, I’d like to put a question to those CEOs: are you or are you not the leader of your company? Do you realise that the brand is You?

In 2017, it has become particularly important to realise that consumers are on social media, and they want to create deeper, more meaningful connections with brands they buy and use. Only a few CEOs up until now have found a way of integrating their personal and professional values with their brands.

One good example of those social CEOs is Ryan Holmes or Mr Hootsuite. Holmes is a recognised LinkedIn influencer and he leverages this social presence very well to reach out to an audience of 1.5Mi followers on LinkedIn. Holmes presence is, by all means, an undeniable factor in promoting Hootsuite and keeping it in the mind of an ever-growing audience. In his words: “The greatest motivator for CEOs to get on social media may be a simple necessity. Social media represent a cultural shift, not just a technological one, and it’s already made the leap into the workplace. In the end, it’s very difficult for a CEO to guide his transformation without getting to social media on some level – ideally a personal one.

The truth is that Holmes is not self-branding here. He only confirms what a huge number of other tycoons have said.


My view on the latest cutting edge studies, in a nutshell, is that we can distinguish four invaluable qualities or aspects for branding yourself as a leader and I am happy to share those with you:

  1. Leaders have an unquenchable thirst to exceed expectations. Sharing their achievements with the right audience is an invaluable motivator for millions of their followers.
  2. Guided by their passion and quest for excellence, social CEOs show true commitment and lead by example, thus earning the respect of their partners, employees and even prospects.
  3. The social presence of CEOs is way beyond sharing a quote or a story. With every pertinent post, with every anecdote about them or their work, leaders show their personalities, inspire their audience and show respect for fans that followed them to receive such great updates. That is why every single post must follow a clear strategy and a vision.
  4. Leaders understand well the far-reaching impact of surrounding themselves with the great minds of their team. Social leaders leverage the power of that team to drive its vision in line with their online presence strategy. The visionary strategic teamwork can impact the image of some brands in a way that millions of dollars of marketing simply cannot.

A lot of friends and partners ask me for the best way to create a professional presence online. For a start, I’d like to share with you 20 great tips to create a professional LinkedIn profile that paves the way for further development. You don’t even need to subscribe to anything to get those. Just drop me an email and I’ll be happy to share this little treasure with you.