4 Social Networks On Which Every CEO Needs To Be!

If you have finally decided to become a social leader, then before you enthusiastically start signing up to any social media platforms, ask yourself 4 questions:

  1. What is your business model?
  2. What kind of people you need to attract to make this business model work?
  3. What kind of content those people would want to read?
  4. How much you can share with them what they want to read?

As you have surely understood, your answers to the above questions would help you understand where to invest your time and effort.

First you need to decide where you want to be. Then you go there.


You’re not the first to ask yourself who uses Google+ in our region. It is surely way smaller than Facebook, and has no equivalent of Facebook’s EdgeRank. The big advantage is when people “circle” your company, they become followers and can see your pages’ posts. And remember this is Google after all. It would be preposterous to ignore Google (OK Alphabet now).   


At Net2Work, we often refer to LinkedIn as ‘the hero of social media’. Yes, LinkedIn added social media features relatively late in the game, but the professional content and data of 500 million professionals around the world and comments make it an extremely useful tool, one that you must keep in mind.

LinkedIn is not only a place for recruiting, and is definitely not for dating, though some posts tend to be more Facebook-like, maybe because in the mind of many, it’s a social media platform too.

Recently, top UAE government members leveraged their presence on LinkedIn and some have been recognized as formal influencers. The LinkedIn team is unarguably delivering decent work in the MENA region, bringing top regional leaders to the platform to make them social, and bringing over investors and creating or facilitating new partnerships. LinkedIn has also exposed some governments’ activities to the world, helping the UAE shine as the first business hub in the region.


Two things you should remember about YouTube:

  1. Youtube is owned by Google (OK Alphabet now). Rank well on YouTube to rank well in search results.
  2. You can easily create your own YouTube channel and your customers can easily subscribe to it. There are literally hundreds of websites that can help you create an interesting video of significant educational content. They also allow you in a few clicks to publish the video on your preferred platform.

There are much more tactical information that you need to know about YouTube. I am happy to share that with you by email, without any subscription.


I had the chance to know about this new social media platform lately. At a first glance, it does look user friendly and its interface intuitive. LinkedIn started with a similar efficient interface, before changing it recently to a more complicated one. Many C level personalities shared with me that they feel the new interface does not help them to connect to each other. Sometimes it’s good to be where the competition is not. That seems to me to be what beBee is trying to do. Though still a small network, it is moving at interesting speeds to play a significant role in the business world. Compared to LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram, beBee is still way smaller, which convincingly makes it easier to reach out to interesting users and connect with them.

My advice to you is

Be Found and let people feel the powerful leader in you. Be loud and opinionated. Teach others and don’t be afraid of sharing your knowledge, if you don’t share your expertise, people will turn to the guy who does. Make your own rules. Share and lead. While somebody might try to copy your product or service, it is way more difficult to copy the thought, business process and soul of the product.

Branding is something we all have to do. Let it be natural, coming from you!