CEO Branding and Harnessing the Might Of Social Media:

How To Integrate Your Values and Character To Your Company’s Mission

Across the world, over 15 million CEOs make use of social media, to enhance their public presence and make new connections that will benefit their business immensely.

This gives them a unique edge over their competition- by giving their company an identifiable human face, potential partners, employees, and even members of the public are more likely to identify with them.

However, only a few companies can be said to be truly world famous. Often, their CEOs will be equally, or even more famous. CEO branding is why people naturally associate the face of Richard Branson to Virgin and Warren Buffet to Berkshire Hathaway. This goes far beyond mere fame- not only are they international jetsetters, but they also influence their whole industry. CEO branding is a carefully honed strategy- and NET2WORK Solutions will help you become an authority and one of the most well-known faces in your niche.

One of the best things about devising a CEO branding strategy is that after some initial effort by both the chief officer and the company, the relationship allows two-sided growth, and becomes a mutually beneficial synergy. This symbiotic growth will bring higher and better deals together with new connections, which will eventually lead to even more interesting deals along with higher and deeper networking.


What is the mechanism behind CEO branding?

In a nutshell, the famous face of the CEO becomes a sort of passport for the company, which allows it to get the right message to the right audience at the perfect moment. The ultimate achievement of a professionally tailored CEO branding strategy is to position you, the CEO, as an influencer and a respected industry leader.

CEO branding is more than just giving a human face to a company. CEO branding is another facet of a solid communication strategy for those CEOs who have decided they won’t simply leave their digital communication to marketing teams. In fact, CEO branding allows CEOs to step up to social media themselves and put their name and image at the service of their company. A recent study shows that an enormous 75% of consumers feel they trust a company more if its leaders are on social media!

Another study confirmed that around 80% of employees would rather work for a CEO who has an active presence on social media. Companies whose CEO is simply inexistent on social media will find it increasingly challenging to attract and keep the best talent in today’s highly mobile economy. Top Fortune 500 CEOs might argue that they need a social media presence to sell more. The fact here is that CEO branding will help those CEOs to also act as influencers and become the leaders in their field.

How often do CEOs employ tested and trusted social media strategies? In almost 100% of cases, NET2WORK Solutions can help you achieve better CEO branding through strategically balanced social media engagement and presence.


Some facts you should know about CEO branding:

  • Your competitors are all currently making use of social media and liaising with individuals and companies globally.
  • They attract mass media and let business and specialised niche websites talk about them and link to their social media engagements.
  • Above all, they actively increase their brand’s profits by acting as an industry figurehead and influencer. The impact is often viral and far-reaching.


Where do you stand on CEO branding and social media?

How well do you leverage your engagement?

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