CEOs’ Online Presence Storms the Workplace

According to a recent study by BRANDfog[i], an impressive 93% of survey respondents stated that socially engaged CEOs are builders of bridges with all stakeholders. Approximately 85% of businesses now have a social presence for their products, but many face challenges to reach their target audience. In addition to the advertising opportunities that each social platform offers to promote products and services, companies are turning to more sophisticated tactics to reach their audience effectively for a better ROI.

In 2017, further trailblazing online strategies will emerge for companies, especially in the MENA region. In addition to promoting their products, they now also create a digital presence for their leaders. When done right, the payoff can be impressive.

In a study published by Fortune[ii] earlier this year, social media use by CEOs has significantly increased in 2015 on all major platforms, twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+. CEOs and corporate execs become the faces of their brands. Richard Branson, Mark Zuckerberg and Arianna Huffington are all examples of social CEOs who put their social media presence at the service of their brands through the following:

  • Better communication as they gave their companies a human face
  • Brand image improvement through social promptitude
  • More transparency in governance and proximity to their partners, colleagues and customers
  • Employee Morale improvement
  • Better leadership by inspired managers

CEOs make exceptional champions for their companies. Social media such as LinkedIn and Glassdoor expand the CEOs’ presences. Their savvy influence let them lead from the front. For these leaders, their main asset is empowerment. The CEO is the most visible person to shareholders, partners and customers. By integrating their decided vision with the online presence of the organisation, they give tremendous benefits to their companies by allowing people to know more about their commitments and plans, thereby gaining support for their mission.

With an impressive social presence, the CEO can effectively encourage employees:

  1. To participate in the corporate messaging
  2. To become brand ambassadors on social media.

Decision makers and influencers in a company are the best to communicate with the audience. So, investing in their social media presence is investing in the company’s culture and image. After all, customers are online. When CEOs choose to be social, customers feel the CEOs have interest and investment in them. 

Why do social media consumers want to see more leaders online?

The appeal of a company’s business model, image and culture is not limited to its clients.

Versatile online tools also help attract and keep the right partners and talents. Above all, leaders attract leaders. Job seekers want to work for great companies. Companies with great reputations find it increasingly easier to attract the best talent.

According to 81% of employees, social CEOs make better leaders. They allow employees to be more involved in the company’s image, which in turn helps improve the workplace for better overall results. Employees feel more comfortable and more confident when working for a social CEO who gives them a lot to share about the company. And they will be more loyal to the company on social media.

The most important strategy for a social CEO is to know where the target audience is and to find the right ways to reach out to that audience.


Being social is not posting inspirational pictures. People want to know more about business achievements, expert advice and market details. Your employees will be proud to share such valuable content with their connections. Give them something worthy.

To create a great leadership social presence:

  1. Start with a professional profile on LinkedIn or beBee and add platforms as you determine which have the best ROI for you.
  2. Don’t ignore the advantage of publishing in different languages.
  3. Share videos, analytical and informative articles, latest trends in your field and anything that inspires to love your company.
  4. Adapt your voice to your target audience but retain your individual flair, and your employees will help you spread the word.

Your personal branding can give you a competitive edge. Don’t overlook this opportunity!

If you would like to learn more about it, show up!