How Are You Helping Your Sales Team To Generate Leads?

Your sales team needs to find new opportunities. Are they considering the cold calls to reach out with new people?

Think about it. How many cold calls you take as a CEO? And how many times you accept to schedule a serious meeting to that call?

Their main concern is to drive leads to your business.

Today, everyone talks about social selling and different type of tactics on social media to generate leads. If you haven’t had great success with social media strategies, don’t give up. Try again and keep testing until you find the right tactics for your business.There are expectations when you communicate with your audience. Take a minute and imagine the number of brands that promote themselves on social media. Clients are confused!

Why can’t you make it simple for them to understand what you’re selling and share more values. People value emotions and need to understand the reasons why they are buying your products.

After all, there’s no more B2B or B2C.

It’s H2H. Human to Human.

Among all the social media channels, I’ve always favored LinkedIn. You connect with people, you start taking actions and then you find yourself in front of that person.

Yes, it’s that simple! But to connect with people, you have to impress them first. There are so many different websites that teach you how to optimize your profile and adapt it to meet your audience’ interest. And that’s not all!

Be the leader - Share articles and feed the “monster content” everyday! Interact and engage with people from different groups, and above all, involve your employees to share your posts. You will help them to feel more involved, they will trust your vision and will work accordingly

And then… they will learn how to play the game of their social actions on LinkedIn, and you will spot the difference!

How to use LinkedIn Platform as a CEO? Click here to watch the YouTuve video in Arabic language.