Privacy Policy

Valid as of October 10, 2016

Visitor, user and partner privacy is very essential to everything we do at NET2WORK Solutions. This Privacy Policy includes the type of information we collect and record and how it may eventually be used.

This Policy encompasses confidentiality practices for NET2WORK Solutions and our Website: Except where clearly stated otherwise, this notice only applies to eventual information recorded by this website. This Policy aims to inform you on the below:

  • Any information we record
  • How such data can be amended at your request
  • The security of your data
  • Our Communication Policy around changes to this Policy
  • How you may raise concerns or pursue all legal remedies in protection of the approved use of this data

Data Recording, Usage and Policy of No-Sharing

NET2WORK Solutions is the exclusive owner of all data recorded on

  • NET2WORK Solutions may access or eventually record information that you freely share with us via email or any other form of contact or exchange.
  • NET2WORK Solutions has a strict policy against selling, leasing, renting or sharing any part of this information to any third party and at any time, except as necessary by law, to fulfil your requests or to better bespoke its services to you in relation to any service requests you may make.
  • By default, NET2WORK Solutions may contact you by email to inform you of special offers, improvements to current services or new services, as well as any eventual changes to this Policy. You may at any time opt-out of such emails.

Availability and Ownership of Information

NET2WORK Solutions has a Policy of strict respect for your communication choices. At any point in time, you may contact us by email or phone to request any of the following:

  • Consult all information we may have recorded about you
  • Request amendment to any such information
  • Ask us to delete all or part of this information
  • Share concern over our handling of your information


NET2WORK Solutions will always implement all reasonable and common practice security measures and precautions to provide cutting-edge security to any information it may collect about you. Any information you decide to share with us that is deemed sensitive will be protected equally online and offline.


As is common practice, stores small pieces of data, commonly called "cookies", on your computer to save your options and enhance your use of This practice also allows us to recognise frequent users of and to better understand their interests. NET2WORK Solutions will never use a cookie that could be associated with personally identifiable information on


  • As it is a common thing in the internet, provides links to sites its research indicates to be of interest to its users.
  • may not be held in any way or to any degree responsible for the content or the privacy practices of those other websites.


By using and continuing to use, you hereby confirm your consent to this Privacy Policy and that you unconditionally agree to the Service’s Terms and Conditions, which you may consult at any time on

Updates to This Policy

This Privacy Policy will be updated in the best interest of users of Whenever such updates happen, NET2WORK Solutions will contact its users to inform them of that change. The last update was made on October 10, 2016. All future updates and/or amendments or changes to this Policy will appear on this page.

If at any point in time or for any reason, you fail to abide by this Policy in full, you are requested to immediately contact the team.